Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Bar Hill Skate Park ... One Day Until Parish Council Meeting!

So the survey is now closed, we have had over 200 responses and I've put together a document with details of the results and forwarded this on to the Parish Council (to be circulated to all Councillors prior to tomorrows meeting).

After the meeting tomorrow I'll see if I can publish the document for everyone (it will almost certainly come out in the minutes, but why wait?). Suffice to say though I'd like to really thank everyone for taking the time to fill in the survey and particularly those that went out on cold nights and during wet days to push leaflets through letter boxes on behalf of the Skate Park.

There have been a number of, to say the least, surprising developments in the last couple of days regarding the Skate Park and I'm sure more information will be forthcoming after tomorrow nights meeting.