Friday, 27 April 2012

Cambridge to Bar Hill (Citi 5) Timetable Changes

There has been a lot of confusion lately regarding the changes Stagecoach is proposing to the Citi 5 from 10th June. This issue has been raised both on other articles on this blog (see here) and also at the annual meeting of Bar Hill Parish Council which took place last night at the Octagon.

Given these uncertainties I contacted Stagecoach Managing Director Andy Campbell and received clarification on exactly what the changes to the Citi 5 will be.

Here is the new timetable;
Citi 5 Stagecoach Timetable (from 10th June 2012)
The highlighted services (18:56 to 22:56) are the services that it was suggested would be cut (see here) and as you can see they are very much in place. It looks like there has been some misunderstanding regarding the changes to the services beyond Bar Hill and changes to services between Bar Hill and Cambridge.

The new timetable is available direct from the Stagecoach site here.

(Thanks to Andy Campbell for promptly responding to my email for clarification).